Audi, German’s top automobile brand is famous for the luxury. The term ‘Audi’ is a Latin word for “hear”. The logo of the Audi is the major magnetization which consists of four interlocking rings. Albeit, the inceptions of the company are intricate, going back to the early 20th century, Audi was officially founded on 16 July 1909. The headquarters of Audi is located in Ingolstadt, Germany. In full-year 2020, global Audi sales were down 8.3% to 1,692,773 cars distributed ecumenical. However, the fourth quarter of 2020 was Audi’s best quarter ever with over half a million sales worldwide.

The cryptic logo of Audi corporation is inspired by a soap dish that resembles diversified distinct designs composed out of four class lines. The distinctive aspect of German cars gave birth to the logo of this prestigious company. The logo of Audi depicts the cumulation of four different companies that formulated Audi in 1932. In 1910, Audiautomobile releases the first conveyance Audi Type A 10/22 hp (16kw) sport phaeton which was followed by its successor Type B 10/28 PS in the same year. Audi was able to secure the denomination for the first German car manufacturer to present an engenderment car, the AudiType K, with a sinistral drive in September 1921. Audi commenced working on inline four-cylinder engines during the 1920s where it was able to manufacture different cc engines; 2612cc, 3564cc, 4680cc, and 5720cc which were prosperously tested in sporting events. In 1924, Audi manufactured the first six-cylinder model Type M, 4655cc. In1932, Audi merged with Horch, DKW, and Wanderer to fabricate conveyances.Meanwhile, concurrently, Audi enrolled its incipient Audi Front to the automotive marketthat became the first European car to coalesce a six-cylinder engine with front-wheel drive. Audi almost vanished for two decenniums after launching its iconic models in 1939.Volkswagen acquires a 50% holding in the Audi business corporation which included the incipient factory in Ingolstadt in 1964. In 1970, Volkswagen introduced the Audi brand to the coalesced states for the model year. Audi introduced multitudinous models afore 1980, but the corporation found the breakthrough after unveiling Audi Quattro, a turbocharged coupe that became the first German astronomically immense-scale engenderment conveyance to feature perpetual all-wheel drive-through a center differential. The prosperous models of Audi with prominent wins proved the viability of AWD race cars and Audi was able to make it to the top of advances in automotive technology.

The excellently committed, elegant Audi has engendered multifarious conveyances under different series and segments; A, M, Q, R, S, SUV, and a wide range of variety. The prominent well-equipped Audi Q5, Audi A3 convertible, Audi A6, Audi R8 V10, AudiQ7 are few Audi engendered iconic legendary conveyances that promoted the reputation and desirability of Audi to the next level in the automotive market making it a sensational auto manufacturer. Apart from this, Audi has made indefinite achievements to date. Audi holds 26 times champions denominations including the driver’s, manufacturer’s and team’s triumph.Audi holds the designation of the victor in 130 races among the 328 races attended with 128 no.of most expeditious laps on its racing vocation. Conferring more about Audi, Audi was the first car manufacturer to ever initiate the legitimate impact test in 1938. Audi was once sued by the Olympics in 1995 due to the homogeneous attribute of the four-ring emblem of Audi with the Olympic logo. The Audi consummately stands upon its motto: “Advancement through Technologies” by providing the best specs in every model available to date.

With so much advancement in technologies, Audi can secure the place for one of the  safest cars in the world with a 5/5 stars rating and reviews with their incipient model. The committed, high-performance, reliable, and innovative luxurious car manufacturer Audi,has been making environmentally cordial moves availed by its incipient form of diesel made up of water and CO2 since 2015. This responsible attire of Audi makes it a praiseworthy brand to roar on the road.

Audi MPG

To many of us, what matters more is the fuel economy of Audi cars. Therefore, we have tried to list out the mpg figures of Audi sedan cars and SUV to give you fair idea of fuel economy of Audi vehicles. Below is the list of Audi cars and SUV along with their range of MPG or gas mileage.

MPG of Audi cars – 2021
Audi Cars MPG
Audi A4 24 to 34
Audi A5 23 to 34
Audi A6 20 to 31
Audi A7 22 to 68
Audi A8 15 to 53
Audi e-tron 76 to 78
Audi Q3 20 to 30
Audi Q5 23 to 50
Audi Q7 18 to 23
Audi Q8 18 to 23
Audi R8 13 to 23
Audi RS 15 to 25
Audi RS Q8 13 to 19
Audi S4 20 to 28
Audi S5 20 to 28
Audi S6 18 to 28
Audi S7 18 to 28
Audi S8 13 to 22
Audi SQ5 18 to 24
Audi SQ7 15 to 21
Audi SQ8 15 to 21
Audi TT 20 to 31
Audi TTS 23 to 29

Disclaimer: We don’t guarantee the accuracy of figures provided for fuel economy of Audi cars and vehicles in mpg.