Fuel economy is one of the major components that decide the coherence of any gasoline drive. The forceful supercar BMW i8 has a monstrously portrayed fuel tank with a capacity of 11.1 gallons (42litres). The 1.5L double overhead camshaft turbo 3-cylinder motors backed by a 98 KW, 131bhp motor yields a great fuel mileage of 111.7 mpg which is roughly 47.5 km in each liter. BMW propagates high-minded affability in the midst of its contenders. In spite of their colossally orchestrated subtle elements and capable motor preparation, i8 still offers a premium level fuel economy with peerless highlights.


The 1499cc, 4WD BMW i8 enthralls tank capacity of 42 liters that churn out the fuel magnitude of 117 mpg, compared to its challengers Lamborghini Huracan, Audi R8, and Nissan GT-R that possesses 5204cc RWD, 5204 AWD, and 3799cc AWD engine displacement trains singly that yields the fuel mileage of 28, 29 and 21 miles per gallon (mpg) respectively. The BMW engendered two trims under the same tag i8; i8 coupe and i8 roadster that runs at the same rate of fuel economy. The i8 trims induce just 49 gm of carbon in each km of the drive, while on the contrary, its contenders; Huracan, R8, and GT-R emit 332gm/km, 288gm/km, and 316gm/km individually.

Comparing the sporting DNA BMW with its competitors, following table shows the brief variations among its competitors:

Comparison of BMW i8 Specifications and fuel economy (in mpg) against rivals
BMW i8 Lamborghini Huracan Audi R8 Nissan GT-R
Engine Twin Power Inline V10, 90, Multi Point Injection V10 cylinder Petrol Direct Twin Turbo V6
Displacement 1499cc 5204cc 5204cc 3799cc
HP 228 640 602 562
Torque 250Nm@3700rpm 540Nm@6500rpm 560Nm@6500rpm 637Nm@3200rpm
Drivetrain AWD RWD AWD AWD
No.of cylinder 3 10 10 6
Fuel Capacity (gallons) 12 23 19 19.5
Mileage 111.7 mpg 28 mpg 29 mpg 21.2 mpg
Fuel Type Petrol Petrol Petrol Petrol

BMW i8

The German motor company BMW, which has been ascendant in the 4 wheeler section, sold about 280,000 cars in the United States in 2020 and reached a luxury car market portion of about 13.7 percent. The time of the BMW i8 was unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show and was exhibited in Germany in June 2014. The i8 is a plug-in hybrid sports car fledged by BMW. Production of BMW i8 model was discontinued in June 2020.

BMW i8 Fuel Economy

Articulating the dimensions, the i8 is 4689mm long, 1962mm wide, and 1298mm tall with a wheelbase of 2800mm. BMW is provided with enough headroom, legroom and cargo space of 5.4 cubic feet. BMW engendered the i8 with a kidney-designed front grille to make it look more iconic and aerodynamic. The electronically operating four wheels are controlled by power steering, which is located just in front of the electronically adjustable seating system. Everything in i8 operates with an electronically controlled system which makes it a luxurious sports machine. The interiors are quite appealing with high-quality leather on seats and steering wheel. The driver can experience heated seats after a keyless ingress into this 4 wheeler. The infotainment of this supercar is quite mesmerizing as well. This car has 12 digital verbalizers with a 360w conventional amplifier which makes the car environment quite regaling. Integrating all the features, this car is equipped with cruise steering control, tracker system, astute contrivance integration, navigation system, air filtration, brake force exhibit lights, 2 LCD screens on the dashboard, automatic headlamps, carpets on the floor, and a lot more which makes it a magnificent, lavish and comfort machine to ride.

Specifications & features of BMW i8

Some of the indelible specs of BMW i8 lineups are tabulated below as well:

Major specifications of BMW i8 variants
Specs Coupe Hybrid Roadster
Seat 4 2
Engine 1.5 DOHC Turbo 3-cylinder 1.5 DOHC Turbo 3-cylinder
Displacement 1.5L/91 1.5L/91
Horse power 228 228
Torque 250Nm@3700rpm 250Nm@3700rpm
Transmission 6-speed Auto W/OD 6-speed Auto W/OD
Tank Capacity (gallons) 11.1 11.1
Mileage 111.7 27
Turning diameter 40.4 40.4
Steering Rack Pinion Rack Pinion
Weight 3501lbs 3671lbs
Acceleration (0-100kmph) 4.4seconds 4.6seconds

The BMW i8 is an exquisitely manufactured hybrid sports car. This 4 wheel drive has a 6-speed automatic transmission that sanctions the i8 to expedite 100km/h within just 4.8 seconds. BMW i8 comes up with a 1499cc engine which is reinforced with a 98KW, 131 BHP electric motor that provides this coupe with an immense potency of 228hp. The vigorous i8 yields a torque of 250 Nm@3700rpm. BMW has engendered the i8 model with 4 valves in each cylinder which has a compression ratio of 9.5:1 which gives gargantuan power to the wheels. Verbalizing more about the specs this hybrid car is facilitated with hybrid electric motors and gas-pressurized shock absorbers for a smooth and comfy ride. BMW assembled i8 with a high precision lithium-ion traction battery w/3.7 kW onboard charger which charges at 220/240V and 11.6KWh capacity just within 3hrs of charge time. BMW i8 is elicited with 20-inch alloy wheels and tubeless radial tires, which turn on the kinetics of electronically powered rack-pinion steering.

The BMW i8 is incited considering immense precedence to its safety features. The i8 is assembled with led headlights followed by daytime running lights. Airbags always betoken the high-security feature where i8 is designated with up to eight airbags. Some premium safety features that come with the i8 model are Child safety locks, 4-wheel Anti-Locking Braking System, Brake Avail, Conveyance Stability Control System, rear seat belts, day and night vision rear-view mirrors, rear-view camera, and many more. BMW featured i8 with automatic driver control, ride control adaptive suspension, front, and rear anti-roll bars, etc. Moreover, one can optically discern more safety features like lane departure admonishment, frontal collision admonition, city collision mitigation, and cross-traffic alert, tire concrete low tire pressure admonition, hill avail, rain-sensing wipers, and a lot more.

The “Golden Steering Wheel 2019” tramper BMW is prominent for its comfortability and proficient advancement. Apart from this BMW is stepping into an eco amicable auto production system where BMW is enhancing the minimum utilization of gasoline and furnishing abundant efforts in discovering electric modality, hybrid potency, and hydrogen fueling to minimize the engendered of carbon as much as it can, making it a salubrious machine to drive.

This review on BMW i8 mpg, gas mileage or fuel economy along with specifications and rivals was submitted by Yogesh D. on May 2021.