The all-time sensation, innovatively engineered conveyance MINI is prominent for its speed, extreme drifting, and innovative look. The inception of this innovation was performed by the British Motor corporation in 1959. This distinctive two-door car was deliberated by Sir Alec Issigonis and manufactured at the Long bridge plant in England located proximate to BMC’s headquarters. MINI is adhered by BMW and it is immensely popular for making well-equipped spacious 4-wheelers. MINI holds 1.1% share (2019) of the automotive market worldwide in terms of revenue. The revenue of the MINI cars market is estimated to reach US$35.902 million by the cessation of 2021.

The iconic design of the MINI emblem makes it one of the widely renowned companies throughout the world. The logo of the MINI depicts a circle in the middle, which rejoices that the company’s designation is an uppercase letter. The wings on the emblem betoken speed, limberness, potency, and liberation. The compact, economical inexpensive minuscule car are intended for a mass buyer. The legendary MINI was marketed under the BMC’s two main brand names; Austin and Morris until 1969 until it became a company of its own. Articulating more about MINI, the front-wheel drive transverse engine layout of the MINI was inspired by other super-MINI designs of the adversary car manufacturers. In 1964, the MINI was contemporized with major upgrades of fitted suspension for a soft and comfy ride and integrated some weight additionally. The immensely resplendent car MINI was fitted with a transverse engine that made it unique when it was unveiled for the very first time. MINI was genuinely manufactured with a motto of distributing spacious economic conveyance which MINI consummated with a front-wheel-drive layout that sanctioned passengers to utilize 80% of the interiors that made adversary cars manufacturers wonder how 4 people could facilely fit in such a minute space. The pristine MINI was able to secure its name as Britain’s favorite car of all time. There are around 469 MINI clubs in the UK and at least 260 MINI clubs allover the world. In October 1965, the MINI was launched with an incredible option to cull a four-speed automatic gearbox. These cars were prominent as the MINI-Matic. MINI was acquired by BMW from the Rover Group in 1994 and sold the more preponderant part of this car manufacturer in 2000 but additionally kept the rights to build the cars under the iconic legendary name ‘MINI’.

Conferring about the MINI engendered conveyances, MINI has relinquished multitudinous legendary classic models like; MINI Mkl, MINI Estates, MINI Vans, Riley Elf, MINI Cooper, MINI Clubman, Innocenti MINI, and a lot other inhibited edition MINIs as well. Among different models of MINI, the widely popular MINI Cooper and the Mark series secured the place for MINI to a whole incipient caliber in the automotive industry. Apart from this, MINI has a sizable voluminous list of accomplishments in the automotive industry. MINI won the1965 Monte Carlo Rally Award prosperously. MINI acquired the denomination for Gallahar 500 in 1966. Similarly MINI is the victor for the 1969 British saloon car championship, Finnish Grand Prix, European Touring Car champion of 1964. MINI was the front-runner for six designations in Australian Touring Championship between 1963 and 1968, and additionally, the 3 times Macau GP denomination holder as well. Moreover the British brick MINI has scored more than 30wins in high profile events.

MINI, the all-time favorite iconic, economical, spacious car is representative of all classes of the contemporary conveyances society. MINI is the giant-killing automobile that has been invoking smiles and curiosity everywhere they go. This spectacular victorious model rewards the owner with fun rides and manages to become the symbol of British ingenuity.


To many of us, what matters more is the fuel economy of the vehicle. Therefore, we have tried to list out the mpg figures of MINI hatchback vehicles to give you fair idea of fuel economy of MINI. Below is the list of MINI cars along with their range of MPG or gas mileage.

Here are some of the 2023 MINI models:

MPG of MINI cars – 2023
2023 MINI Clubman 22 to 35
2023 MINI Cooper 23 to 119
2023 MINI Countryman 23 to 73
2023 MINI John Cooper Works 22 to 34

Here is the MINI MPG list for the models from 2022:

MPG of MINI cars – 2022
2022 MINI Clubman 23 to 35
2022 MINI Cooper 23 to 119
2022 MINI Countryman 23 to 73
2022 MINI John Cooper Works 22 to 34

Here is the MINI MPG for the models from 2021:

MPG of MINI cars – 2021
2021 MINI Clubman 22 to 35
2021 MINI Cooper 23 to 115
2021 MINI Countryman 23 to 73
2021 MINI John Cooper Works 23 to 34

Disclaimer: We don’t guarantee the accuracy of figures provided for fuel economy of MINI cars in mpg.