Chevy Colorado MPG

The energetic burly utility pickup truck, Chevy Colorado is indulged with a cyclopean gas tank of capacity 21 gallons, a ballpark figure of 79.5 liters. The inordinately packed Chevys Colorado comes up with a 3.6 liter DOHC, V-6 customary unleaded 4WD engine that has an excellent fuel economy of 17 mpg on diligent city traffic and runs 24 miles on the clear highway tract with just a gallon. On the other hand, Chevy Colorado diesel engine under the same model with 2.8 liters of compression engine provides the exemplary gas mileage of 20 mpg in city areas whereas 28 mpg on the highway roads. The longitudinally oriented L-4 diesel engine provides estimable fuel mileage because of its turbo-diesel powertrain that most of the competitors don’t offer. This impressive pick-up truck Colorado with conventional petrol engine emits carbon of 435gm/mile on the prevalent conditions whereas its diesel variant emits carbon of just 455gm/mile.

Chevy Colorado MPG

Comparing the off-roading machine Colorado with its competitors, following table shows the brief variations among its competitors:

Chevy Colorado vs rivals: Comparison of specifications and fuel economy (in mpg)
Colorado Ranger Canyon Gladiator
Engine DOHC, V-6 regular unleaded DOHC, L-4, Turbo regular unleaded DOHC, V-6 regular unleaded DOHC, V-6 regular unleaded
Transmission 8-speed auto w/OD, auto-manual 10-speed auto w/OD, auto-manual 8-speed auto w/OD, auto-manual 6-speed manual w/OD
Horsepower 308 270 308 285
Torque 275lbs-ft@4,000rpm 310lbs-ft@3,000rpm 275lbs-ft@4,000rpm 260lbs-ft@4,400rpm
Drivetrain 4WD 4WD 4WD 4WD
Fuel Capacity(gal) 21 21 21 21
Fuel Mileage
17 mpg / 24 mpg 20 mpg / 24 mpg 17 mpg / 24 mpg 16 mpg / 23 mpg
Towing 7000 3500 7000 4000
Valves 24 16 24 24

Chevy Colorado

The American motor company Chevrolet, renowned for its commitment to dependability, safety, and fuel efficiency is a popular speculator holding 12.5% of market share in the US and 4.52% ecumenically. Also known as Chevy Colorado, the mighty midsize pickup truck Chevrolet Colorado made its debut in 2003 and was officially relinquished in 2004 as a supersession for the Chevrolet S-10. Colorado is a truculently styled midsize truck with impressive off-road capabilities.

Chevy Colorado gas mileage

Chevrolet has engendered different trims under the same headline Colorado: WT, ZT, Z71, and ZR2 whose prices etiolates from $28,295, $30,895, $35,995, and $45,395 sequentially as per the price of May 2021.

Specifications & features of Chevy Colorado

Colorado emanates with a magnitude of the wheelbase of 3568.7mm, length of 5712.46mm, width of 1887.2mm, and height of 1790.7mm distinctively. Chevrolet has endowed Colorado with a puissant compression engine with an 11.5:1 compression ratio which is coordinated by rack and pinion power steering that provides 22.3ft of turning radius. Chevy Colorado culminates with 17inch*8inch blade silver metallic cast-aluminum wheels that fit with 255/65R17 all-season Blackwall tires, which mystically enchants this 4-wheeler with 8.1inches of ground clearance making it a better offroading machine. Chevy imperiled Colorado comes up with halogen headlamps with automatic exterior lamp control where headlamps act automatically. Enunciating the infotainment system, It has a magnificent audio system that includes an 8inches diagonal color touch screen that is compatible for phones fortifying Bluetooth audio, streaming 2 active contrivances, Apple car play, and Android auto where voice command is passed through the phones. The voice commands are received by the microphones placed on the driver side and passenger side. Moreover, Colorado has a super comfy relaxing interior that includes a 2-way manual seat adjuster, luxurious color-keyed carpeted floorings, leather-wrapped steering wheels with tilt and telescopic features, and many more. The electronically operated features include cruise control, remote keyless ingress, larceny-deterrent system including immobilization of conveyance and restricting unauthorized ingression, 2 USB data ports in accordance with wireless charging, single-zone manual climate control air conditioning, and auto-dimming inside rearview mirror supplementally.

Some of the apprehensive specifications of Chevy’s Colorado lineups are tabulated below as:

Specifications of Chevy Colorado variants
Seats 5 5 5 5
Engine 3.6L DOHC, V-6 regular unleaded 3.6L DOHC, V-6 regular unleaded 3.6L DOHC, V-6 regular unleaded 3.6L DOHC, V-6 regular unleaded
Transmission 8-speed auto w/OD, auto-manual 8-speed auto w/OD, auto-manual 8-speed auto w/OD, auto-manual 8-speed auto w/OD, auto-manual
Horsepower 308 308 308 308
Torque 275lbs-ft@4,000rpm 275lbs-ft@4,000rpm 275lbs-ft@4,000rpm 275lbs-ft@4,000rpm
Drivetrain 4WD 4WD 4WD 4WD
Fuel Capacity(gal) 21 21 21 21
Fuel Mileage
17 mpg / 24 mpg 17 mpg / 24 mpg 17 mpg / 24 mpg 16 mpg / 18 mpg
Valves 24 24 24 24
Towing(lbs) 7,000 7,000 7,000 5,000
Curb Weight(lbs) 4,507 4,502 4,536 4,715
Payload Capacity(lbs) 1,460 1,458 1,444 1,250

Colorado is exquisitely envisaged with an impressively potent 3.6L DOHC, V-6 conventional unleaded engine. This eminently cogitated machine enkindles 308 HP and 275lbs-ft of torque at 4000 rpm. Contrastingly, the diesel variant of the magnificent Colorado has a turbo diesel engine that engenders immense torque of 369lbs-ft @2000rpm with a horsepower of 181 HP @ 3400 rpm. The petrol engine is relinquished with 8-speed auto w/OD and auto-manual transmission featured with 24 valves whereas, the diesel engine is posited with 6-speed automatic w/OD transmission availed by 16 valves. Verbalizing about the engine configuration, the petrol engine is exhibited with cylinder deactivation, variable valve control, transverse engine orientation, and gasoline direct fuel injection ignited with the spark ignition system. Howbeit, the same pickup car with a diesel possess L-4, longitudinally oriented engine ignited with the heat engendered during compression. The 3.6L Chevy Colorado provisions the fuel economy of 17 mpg in city and 24 mpg on the highway. Nevertheless, the 2.8L turbo Colorado diesel engine provides 20 miles on a city and 28 miles on a highway per single gallon of fuel.

Chevy Colorado diesel MPG

Safety comes to the foremost while engendering any motor engine. Agitating, the safety features Colorado is packed with multitudinous safety peculiarities. Chevy Colorado is draughted with dual front impact airbags with a total of 6 no. of airbags to abbreviate human casualties during infelicity and mischance. Colorado is assembled with an electronically controlled anti-roll system and side-impact bars for the safety of the driver and pillion as well. The safety measures of Colorado are availed by remote keyless ingress, rear door lock, rear child safety, a panic alarm, and many more. Apart from this, Colorado is facilitated with four-wheel ABS that acts on front ventilated discs and rear braking discs. Colorado is modeled with traction control, forward collision admonition, lane departure warning, and a lot more. Moreover, this offroading machine comes with multi-features including stabilitrak, proactive roll avoidance, adjustable front head restraints, HD rear vision camera, rear parking avail, driveline traction control, tire pressure monitoring system, differential locking system with a lot more additive features. Alongside, this electronic transmission control motor, overdrive is concocted with front coil springs, gas-pressurized shocks, power steering for a smoother and comfy ride.

With the aforementioned facts and figures, we can conclude that this is the best conveyance to travel any terrain. As improvements are made in security, comfort, and performance this model has been an exquisite masterpiece. Moreover, the powerful engine options with efficient technology have made it bliss to ride.

This review on Chevy Colorado diesel mpg, gas mileage or fuel economy along with specifications, features and rivals was submitted by Yogesh D. on May 2021.