Ford Fusion MPG

According to the data provided by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the 2020 Ford Fusion returns the fuel economy figures as high as 103 mpg on gas and electricity, 42/43/42(combined/city/highway) mpg on regular gas in hybrid while getting just 25/21/31 mpg on gas model. These include the 2.0 L automatic models with AWD and FWD variants. This average fuel economy is on average to the hybrid and plug in hybrid (PHEV) option in its competition, but has a quite lackluster mileage for the non-hybrid model. Keeping in mind that Ford Fusion is on the verge of retiring and any more advances on a retiring model is contradictory to industry standards.

Ford Fusion MPG

The nearest competitor of Ford Fusion, the Hyundai Sonata, although with a bigger 2.5 L engine option as well brings the mileage up to 52/50/54 mpg on hybrids and 32/28/38 mpg on gas only model.  Toyota Camry brings the mpg rating to upper echelon with fuel economy as high as 52/51/53 mpg on hybrid model and 34/29/41 on regular gas model with 2.5 L engine. Next up, Nissan has the Altima, with 32/28/29 mpg on gas only model. Although Ford Fusion with its 2.0 L engine has many purchasing options such a gas only, hybrids or plug in hybrids, only the hybrids and plug in hybrids bring as much mileage as various other similar model from Hyundai Toyota and Nissan bring.

Fuel Economy of variants of Ford Fusion and rivals
Ford Fusion Variants Hyundai Sonata Toyota Camry Nissan Altima
Plug in Hybrid (PHEV)

103 mpg

Hybrid 2.0 L FWD
42 mpg combined43 city, 41 highway
Hybrid 2.0 L Blue

52 mpg combined

50 city, 54 highway

Hybrid 2.5 L

52 mpg combined

51 city 53 highway

No Hybrids
Regular 1.5 L FWD

27 mpg combined
23 city, 34highway

Regular 2.5 L

32 mpg combined

28 city, 38 highway

Regular 2.5 L

34 mpg combined

29 city 41 highway

Regular 2.5 L

32 mpg combined

28 city 39 highway

Regular 2.0 L FWD

25 mpg combined
21 city, 31 highway

Regular 1.6 L Turbo

31 mpg combined

27 city, 36 highway

Regular 3.5 L 6 cylinder

26 mpg combined

22 city 32 highway

Regular 2.0 L Turbo

31 mpg combined

25 city, 34 highway

Regular 2.5 L FWD

24 mpg combined
21 city, 31 highway




Regular 2.0 L AWD

23 mpg combined
20 city, 29 highway




Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion is a popular front wheel drive (FWD) mid-size engine car in the USA. With a 2.5-liter engine producing about 175 horsepower and torque, it is not the car to pull for a quarter mile drag race. Instead, the car is meant as a family sedan with 4 doors and enough safety feature to run on the road.

Ford Fusion Gas Mileage

With more powertrain options than its competition, it has a solid presence for a car that ended its production as of end of July 2020. It was the last of the sedans, and after its discontinuation, ford has no sedan in its place to recover, which is a first since model T was produced. At some point of time in 2020, the price of Ford Fusion varied from $23,170 to $34,450 (base starting price according to variants).

Specifications of Ford Fusion

Along with various powertrain and final drive system, Ford Fusion brings us with more than enough options for all car buyers. FWD is standard with AWD present in the 2.0-liter model. Turbo model comes with either a 1.5 L or 2.0 L engine producing more power (181 hp and 245 hp) than the non turbo engines (175hp). Ford also has reliable engine, albeit not as much as the Japanese rivals which can be considered as a positive point. The gasoline only powered models bring about less mileage than their competition, but PHEV and Hybrid pulls up the game and bring a very respectable mileage. Ford also promises a host of electronic suites such as apple car play and android auto, along with safety features such as airbags, emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, auto high beam, sat-nav and high scores in crash tests.

Engine Fuel Type Petrol/ Hybrid / PHEV
Displacement 1.5L / 2.0L / 2.5L
Drive System FWD/ AWD (2.0 L)
Fuel Tank Capacity (gal) 16.5 (FWD)/ 18 (AWD)/ 14 Hybrid & PHEV
Ground Clearance (inches) 11.6
Maximum Power (hp) 175 @ 6000 rpm (2.5 L) / 245 @ 5500 rpm (2.0 L)

141 @ 6000 rpm (Hybrid & PHEV) / 151 @ 6000 rpm (1.5 L)

Maximum Torque


175 @ 6000 rpm (2.5 L) / 275 @ 5500 rpm (2.0 L)

129 @ 6000 rpm (Hybrid & PHEV) / 185 @ 6000 rpm (1.5 L)

Seating Capacity 5
Boot Space (cu.ft.) 16 Petrol / 12 Hybrid / 8.2 PHEV
Weight (lb) 3472 Gas/ 3668 Hybrid / 3986 PHEV
Wheelbase (inch) 112.2
Dimension (L*W*H) 191.8*83.5*58.2 (width with mirrors included)

For the price, Ford Fusion brings us almost all the desirable features in the market, with a catch. The non-hybrids have poor mileage, the model is squashed since July 2020 to focus on other models and with not much of a recognition as a reliable car in comparison to Japanese car manufactures. Apart from these hiccups, Ford Fusion is an average sedan for a typical family.

This review on Ford Fusion mpg, fuel economy or gas mileage was submitted by Shishir P. on May 2021.