Jeep Wrangler MPG

One of the most ensuing factors in determining a conveyance’s efficiency is its fuel execution. The Wrangler has an immensely colossal tank capacity of 21.5 gallons(81.38litres). The V-8 premium unleaded Jeep Wrangler Rubicon’s fuel economy lies between the 13 miles per gallon (mpg) in the city and 17 miles per gallon (mpg) on the highway. Whereas, the 4WD, 2.0ltr customary unleaded V6 engine yields 22 mpg on the city roads and 24 miles in a single gallon on the clear highway track. Jeep pursues quite exemplary intuition amid its challengers. Regardless of the high esteemed details, the fuel economy Wrangler still has better off-road capabilities and quality features.

Jeep Wrangler MPG

The 2.0ltr 4WD Wrangler possess a 81 liters of fuel tank that yields the fuel mileage of 20 miles in a single gallon whereas its contenders Ford Bronco and Land Rover Defender possess 2.3ltr 4WD and 2.0ltr 4WD engine that yields the fuel mileage of 21 and 19 miles in a single gallon consecutively. The Wrangler trims; Sport, Sport S, Sport Altitude, Sahara Altitude and rubicon has the combined mileage of 21mpg, 21mpg, 20mpg, 19mpg and 15mpg respectively. The carbon emission of the wrangler trims ranges from 195gm/km for the two doors to 209gm/km for a four door trim level which can be quite an eco-friendly choice.

The following tables exhibit and collate the basic traits among its rivals; Ford Bronco and Land Rover Defender:

Specifications and fuel economy of Jeep Wrangler vs Rivals
Jeep Wrangler Ford Bronco Land Rover Defender
Engine 2.0ltr 4 cylinder 2.3 ltr 4 cylinder 2ltr 4 cylinder
HP 268 270 296


Torque 400nm@3000rpm 420nm@3000rpm 400nm@4000rpm
Fuel capacity 21.5 gallons 17 gallons 19 gallons
Mileage 20 mpg 21 mpg 19 mpg
Carbon Emission 251gm/km 212gm/km 256gm/km

(As on May 2021)

$53,085 $58,905 $53,800

Jeep Wrangler

The American motor company Jeep, which has been dominant in the off-road SUV segment holds the market share of 3.33% up to March 2021. The Jeep was formally established in 1941 and commenced to engender cars, especially for military purposes. It has an indisputable design, but the consequentiality of the Jeep is much more than that. Among the many prosperous achievements of Jeep, Wrangler is ocular perceiver-catching. The off-road SUV made its debut in 1986 as the next version of the base. The Wrangler is provided with a length of 4882mm, a width of 1894mm, a height of 1838mm, and a wheelbase of 2946mm for the four-door strain. In consideration of the Jeeps brand rugged and unique muscular style, the Jeep has liberated abundant upshots under the same label: Sport, Sport S, Sport Altitude, Sahara Altitude, Rubicon, and Moab. As on May 2021, their pricing of the Jeep Wrangler variants starts from $34,980, $39,370, $45,180, $53,085, $58,725 and $51,200 respectively.

Jeep Wrangler Fuel Economy

Jeep provided the Wrangler with a seven-slot vertical grille to make it more iconic. The Wrangler has round headlights and rectangular tail lights fortified by white fenders. It has the most eye-catching 17-inch alloy wheels and Goodrich tires, which can be utilized in muddy terrain. The Jeep is adjacent to the Wrangler, has Android Auto and Apple Car Playback, multimedia connectivity, and additionally has a GPS navigation system. The 7-inch digital unit exhibit is a complement to the system console and can provide consequential data to the unit at a glance. It is equipped with an 8.4-inch touch screen to run the Jeep Uconnect interface. The Wrangler’s center console layout is utilizable.

Specifications & features of Jeep Wrangler

Some of the colossal features of off-roader SUV Wrangler lineups are tabulated below as well:

Specs of Jeep Wrangler variants
Specs Sport Sport S Sport Altitude Sahara Altitude Rubicon
Seats 4 4 5 5 5
Engine Regular unleaded V6 Regular unleaded V6 Regular unleaded V6 Intercooled
Premium unleaded
Displacement 3.6L/220 3.6L/220 3.6L/220 2.0L/122 6.4L/392
Transmission Manual w/OD Manual w/OD Manual w/OD Auto w/OD Auto w/OD
HP 285 285 285 375 470
Torque 260Nm@4800rpm 260Nm@4800rpm 260Nm@4800rpm 470Nm@3000rpm 470Nm@4300rpm
Fuel Capacity 17.5 17.5 17.2 21.5 21.5
Mileage Mpg 21 21 20 19 15
Turning diameter 34.5 34.5 40.8 39.4 39.4
Towing (lbs) 2000 2000 3500 3500 3500
Navigation Optional Optional Optional Standard Standard
4-wheel drive Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard

The Wrangler is genuinely aspirated with a 3.0L engine for the sport trims and 2.0L and 6.4L for the Sahara and Rubicon models respectively. Jeep has engendered its top trim with the maximum horsepower of 470 and 470Nm of torque at 4300 revolutions minutely. In integration, the Wrangler is additionally equipped with a cumbersomely hefty-obligation Dana 44 solid shaft, with an advanced transfer case, with discretely lockable front and rear differentials, and deftly ponderous-obligation shock absorbers to cope with the most astringent off-road conditions. In terms of functions and equipment, the Wrangler, which is fixated on the off-road, is not a rudimentary system. Jeep has facilitated Wrangler with off-road plus mode on the middle console that adjusts the throttle, traction management, and transmission shifting for the battle over-speed management over loose surfaces. Some premium options accessible on this off-roader embody front and rear parking sensors, a two-zone climate system with vents, and folding rear seats for further boot area. The hardtop-looking SUV Wrangler from the skin does not take loads of effort to compose a convertible. The roof over the front occupants is simply abstracted for relishing the contemporary air and soft sun.

In additament, the Wrangler withal provides a variety of safety features like blind-spot monitoring, cross-traffic alert, brake avail, daytime running lights, switchable traction control, and so on. Taking into account emergency and fortuitous braking, the off-road conveyance is equipped with a four-wheel anti-lock system. The machine withal solve the child safety quandary by distributing child safety locks. The Jeep additionally provided a front tow hook for the Wrangler to make it a rescuer. Plus, it’s equipped with side airbags for those main body scenes.

With so much advancement in security, comfort, and performance this model has been an exquisite masterpiece, it is no wonder Wringer avails distribute tranquility of mind. ‘Adventurous roads lead to a beautiful destination’, which is true for this car, as it can pass through any perplexed terrain to explore the resplendency of the Earth. Indeed, this is an impeccable bliss made to relish the off-roading.

This review on Jeep Wrangler mpg, gas mileage or fuel economy along with specifications and rivals was submitted by Yogesh D. on May 2021.