Toyota is the largest and most profitable car company of the world with market valuation second after Tesla at $207.5 billion. If one can start a sentence about a company with this figure and stats, surely it must be a massive industry in the world. Toyota, headquartered in Japan, made a sales figure of 9.5 million vehicles worldwide (11.3%) in 2020 even when during the worldwide pandemic, reclaiming the title of world’s largest car maker from Volkswagen. Toyota owns Lexus, while having stakes in Subaru and Suzuki.

Toyota has a long list of models in its sleeves, with iconic nameplates running on a record duration of time. The badge of Land Cruiser has been running since 50s and Corolla since late 60s. Along with badges, Toyota run long term, with models outperforming their counterparts. Toyota is known for their reliability, high mileage and durability due to their over engineered designs.Toyota, unlike other manufacturers, is also known for being eco-friendly. Toyota started the trend for hybrid vehicles. In fact, Prius was the first in the world to adopt to hybrid standards in mass production car. Toyota Supra (MK4) enjoys being tuners favorite, Prius remains one of most fuel-efficient cars, Land Cruiser remains one of the most reliable cars. Being crowned with such legacy certainly has pushed Toyota to break its own record for newer cars to come.

Toyota currently produces cars (Prius, Corolla, Camry, Avalon, Mirai, 86, Supra, Sienna), trucks (Tacoma, Tundra), Crossovers & SUV (Venza, C-HR, RAV4, Highlander, 4Runner, Sequoia, Land Cruiser) for the USA market. There are various hybrids and fuel cell models integrated in the above specified models.

Toyota has grown from a war-torn industry to a global behemoth with its operation in more than 170 countries. With its award-winning designs, reputation for innovative technology and global presence, Toyota strives for excellence and domination in the industry.

Toyota MPG

Toyota cars are known for its Japanese build and quality. But what can matter is also the fuel performance or MPG of these Toyota cars. Below is the list of Toyota cars along with their range of MPG or gas mileage.

MPG of Toyota cars – 2021
Toyota Cars MPG
Toyota 4Runner 16 to 19
Toyota Avalon 21 to 44
Toyota C-HR 27 to 31
Toyota Camry 22 to 41
Toyota Corolla 28 to 53
Toyota GR Supra 22 to 32
Toyota Highlander 20 to 36
Toyota Land Cruiser 13 to 17
Toyota Prius 47 to 58
Toyota Prius Prime 53 to 133
Toyota RAV4 25 to 94
Toyota Sequoia 13 to 17
Toyota Sienna 35 to 36
Toyota Tacoma 17 to 24
Toyota Tundra 13 to 17
Toyota Venza 37 to 40

Here are some of the models from the past before 2021:

MPG of Toyota cars – Before 2021
Toyota Cars MPG
Toyota Yaris (2020) 30 to 40

Disclaimer: We don’t guarantee the accuracy of figures provided for fuel economy of Toyota vehicles and cars in mpg.