Fiat, the most immensely colossal automobile manufacturer in Italy, holds a market share of 3.98% by the terminus of the year 2020. Fiat was officially founded on 11 July 1899 in Turin, Piedmont, Italy, founded by multiple personnel where Giovanni Agnelli was the one who inaugurated Fiat as the major founder. The word Fiat stands for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino. Fiat is widely renowned for the aptitude and ingenuity of its engineering staff. It was able to make a total sale of 475,041 ecumenically, in the year 2020.

Articulating the logo, Fiat has transmuted a total of 13 logo designs from its very first day. The logo originated from the famous firm ‘panel’ which had adorned the fiat cars from 1931 to 1968. The present fiat logo, already utilized for 14 years, resembles a shape that looks homogeneous to a fiat word in the silver chrome circle and withal a red circle with some light lines. The fiat officially made its debut in the automotive industry on 11 July 1899 by Giovanni Agnelli. With the flow of time, Fiat established its manufacturing plant in 1990 with 35 staff that was able to manufacture 24 cars in the year. Fiat was able to make a consequential profit from its 24 cars which in turn resulted in Fiat making 135 cars that grew to 1,149 cars by 1906. Fiat fabricated its first truck in 1903 and subsequently expanded its business in the US in 1908 by exporting its multifarious car models. In 1910, Fiat was able to secure the position of the most sizably voluminous automotive company in Italy. During the time, owning a Fiat was always a distinction. Fiat devoted all of its factories to supplying the Allies with aircraft engines, machine guns, trucks, and ambulances. However, Fiat had to shut the factory in 1917 due to US regulations. Fiat made machinery and conveyances during World War 2 for the army and Regia Aeronautica and later for the Germans. In 1970, Fiat employed more than 100,000 workers in Italy, when its engenderment reached the highest number of 1.4 million cars in that country. As of 2002, Fiat built more than 1 million conveyances at six plants in Italy and the country accounted for more than a third of the company’s revenue.

On 29 January 2014, it was promulgated that Fiat S.p.A, the former owner of Fiat group, was to be merged into the incipient Netherlands predicated holding company, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Howbeit, Fiat had acquired enough portions of Chrysler to become the company’s majority owner. Conferring about the Fiat, the immensely committed, majestic Fiat has engendered multitudinous conveyances under different segments like Crossovers, SUVs, Minivans, Vans, Pickup Trucks, etc. Among these segments, the famous models like Fiat 1100, Fiat 500, Fiat Abarth, Fiat Abarth Avventura, and Fiat Adventure are some sundry models that emplace the Fiat corporation to a prestigious rank. Apart from this, Fiat has prosperously accomplished sundry triumph denominations to its denomination. Since 1964, 54 different conveyances have been entitled with the crown of Europe’s Car of the Year, where our renowned most astronomically immense Italian auto manufacturer Fiat has been entitled with the maximum number of designations with a total of nine wins for the model’s Fiat 124, Fiat 128, Fiat 127, Fiat UNO, Fiat Tipo, Fiat Punto, Fiat Bravo, Fiat Panda and the Fiat 500.

Moreover, Fiat the most sizably voluminous European auto manufacturer of an era secures its position for 12th most impressive conveyance and withal ranks itself at an appreciable 15th position on the reliability index of 99. Fiat motors, unlike the other manufacturers, has ranked many times, as the lowest caliber of CO2. This proficiently advocates the Fiat to roar on the road.

Fiat MPG

To many of us, what matters more is the fuel economy of the vehicle. Therefore, we have tried to list out the mpg figures of Fiat cars to give you fair idea of fuel economy of Fiat. Below is the list of Fiat vehicles along with their range of MPG or gas mileage.

Here are some of the 2022 Fiat models:

MPG of Fiat cars – 2022
Fiat Cars MPG
2022 Fiat 500 24 to 30

Here are some of the 2021 Fiat models:

MPG of Fiat cars – 2021
Fiat Cars MPG
2021 Fiat 500 24 to 30

Below are gas mileage of Fiat models from the 2020.

MPG of Fiat cars – 2020
Fiat Cars MPG
Fiat 124 Spider (2020) 25 to 36
Fiat 500 (2020) 22 to 30

Disclaimer: We don’t guarantee the accuracy of figures provided for fuel economy of Fiat vehicles and cars in mpg.