Dodge, the auto manufacturer, venerated for its reputation of durability and dependability is always nonpareil by any other conveyance. The US automotive company Dodge was chartered by John Dodge and Henry Dodge under the denomination Dodge Brothers Motor Company on July 17, 1914, in Michigan. The emblem of dependability and durability, Dodge headquarters at Urban Hills, Michigan of USA. The 0.80% global shareholder (2020) of the automotive industry, Dodge’s revenue is projected to reach US $9,945million in 2021 on the substratum of its customer’s demand.

The Dodge brothers commenced their automotive vocation from bicycles in the tardy 1800s just before endeavoring their hands on the automotive market. Dodge was prominent for its impressive designs and craftsmanship. The Dodge company unveiled their first car model 30 on the 14th of November, 1914. The model 30 rolled off the line, Dodge was able to establish the Dodge brother’s reputation for dependability. The company was able to manufacture 249 conveyances by the terminus of the year, thus the dodge company entirely focused its fascinates on manufacturing automobiles only. The dodge was running on the heels of prosperity after the conveyances built by the Dodge brothers were ranked second in overall sales of American cars behind only the Ford Model T by the cessation of 2016. But the company had to go through an earnest catastrophe. Both the Dodge brothers died in 1920 from influenza. However, the company’s heirs were able to maintain the company philosophy, “Durability and Dependability”. In 1922, Dodge became the first US automaker to introduce a closed car with an all-steel body. Dodge became the first US car to open an assembly plant in Europe. The fifth-most astronomically immense automaker’s head Walter P Chryslers surmounted the Dodge corporation from the progenies of the Dodge brothers in 1928. Chrysler’s designers and engineers commenced working on Dodge models to uphold the immutable philosophy of dependability and durability. The Dodge firm accommodated the US regime during the second world war by building cars, aircraft engines, and approximately 400,000 trucks. The popular Chrysler Corporation was withal about to get bankrupt once, which was later preserved by the US government.

Moreover, Dodge has commenced a myriad of specimens and paragons under different segments: Sedan, SUV, Truck, and Coupes. In 1966 Dodge unveiled the Charger joining the craze of muscle cars. Dodge prosperously commenced some legendary models like Dodge Durango, Challenger, Viper, Dart, and a lot more. Dodge’s cars are popular for their packed performance power and fierce owner’s pride. Articulating some achievements of Dodge, Dodge Pickup claimed the denomination of most expeditious US engenderment conveyance beating Chevrolet Corvette in 1978 additionally the Dodge Omni was voted European Car of the year 1978. From the tardy 20th century onward, Dodge initiated a modern take on its traditional quality and practicality. Dodge powered its highest-performing conveyances with 840 HP supercharged 6.2L HEMI V8 that fell under the category SRT. The sensational models make Dodge one of its kind.

Dodge is a legendary car manufacturer that put much of them on wheels. Dodge’s muscle cars have always had something which makes them stand out on the road. Even at this instant, Dodge manages to uphold its brand reputation of quality durability, reliability, dependable, well-engineered potent conveyance.

Dodge MPG

To many of us, what matters more is the fuel economy of the vehicle. Therefore, we have tried to list out the mpg figures of Dodge cars, SUVs or vehicles to give you fair idea of fuel economy of Dodge. Below is the list of Dodge vehicles along with their range of MPG or gas mileage.

Here are some of the 2023 Dodge models:

MPG of Dodge cars – 2023
Dodge Cars MPG
2023 Dodge Durango 19 to 26

Here are some of the 2022 Dodge models:

MPG of Dodge cars – 2022
Dodge Cars MPG
2022 Dodge Challenger 13 to 30
2022 Dodge Charger 12 to 30
2022 Dodge Durango 13 to 26

Here are some of the 2021 Dodge models:

MPG of Dodge cars – 2021
Dodge Cars MPG
2021 Dodge Challenger 13 to 30
2021 Dodge Charger 12 to 30
2021 Dodge Durango 12 to 26

Disclaimer: We don’t guarantee the accuracy of figures provided for fuel economy of Dodge vehicles and cars in mpg.