Jeep is an iconic brand that was started by Willys during the WW2 when US Army required a four-wheel drive reconnaissance vehicle. Jeep has been called as “one of the most important non combatant equipment ever produced” by a famous Pulitzer prize winning war correspondent, implying the importance of Jeep during the war time. So, how does a war-time machine correlate to 21st century modern machine? By amplifying the design to a more civilian looking and adding more function to it.

Jeep has been shuffled from one company to another. Originally from Willys, then sold to Kaiser Motors. AMC (American Motors Corporation) acquired Jeep from Kaiser, only to have it for a decade and handing over to Chrysler Corporation, currently known as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. As of 2021, Jeep is owned by Stellantis (FCA and PSA group).

The most iconic jeep model to hit the market has been the CJ. Produced in various designs and nameplate, CJ tops the list. CJ stands for Civilian Jeep, which as the name suggests, was designed for civilian use. Other models famous in the Jeep lineup has been the Grand Cherokee, Cherokee and Wrangler. Jeep models are famous for their off-road capabilities citing them as off-road heritage. After the war, Willys had earned its stars as a durable, dependable and indestructible vehicle which cemented their off-road capabilities in civilian form. Jeep Cherokee is often credited for being the first SUV as of modern understanding. Jeep wrangler has been the most popular off-road ready vehicle in USA.

Currently, Jeep produces Renegade, Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, Compass, and Cherokee. All of them are SUVs. Traditionally, Jeep has been fuel chugging big engine off-road focused vehicle, but the company has been shifting the focus towards PHEV, which would be initiated from 2025. Jeep is present in 6 continents and available in 140 countries as of 2021.

Jeep MPG

To many of us, what matters more is the fuel economy of Jeep. Therefore, we have tried to list out the mpg figures of Jeep cars or SUV to give you fair idea of fuel economy of Jeep vehicles. Below is the list of Jeep vehicles along with their range of MPG or gas mileage.

MPG of Jeep vehicles – 2021
Jeep Vehicles MPG
Jeep Cherokee 18 to 31
Jeep Compass 22 to 31
Jeep Gladiator 17 to 28
Jeep Grand Cherokee 11 to 26
Jeep Renegade 22 to 32
Jeep Wrangler 13 to 24

Disclaimer: We don’t guarantee the accuracy of figures provided for fuel economy of Jeep vehicles and cars in mpg.